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3 Signs You Need to Digitally Transform your Field Services

Digital transformation happens when companies incorporate digital technology strategically into its business models in order to achieve operational efficiencies, innovate on product design and service delivery, and to improve customer relationships. In Field Services, cases for digital transformation can include scheduling and dispatch, inventory and parts management, predictive maintenance and many other scenarios. Digital work orders, collaboration tools, customer self-service portals, the Internet of Things and even augmented reality are among the technologies that present opportunities to drive faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.

Despite the potential benefits though, many companies prefer to take a wait and see approach. But how do you know when it is time to get started? Here are 3 signs to look out for:

1. You’re not meeting SLAs.

Are first-time fix rates, target resolution times and other metrics consistently dipping below target? In an age of online ordering and same-day delivery, the response time expectations from services providers are moving from days to hours to minutes. If your organization is unable to engage with customers through their preferred digital and mobile channels, anticipate demand and dispatch technicians in a timely manner, then customers may leave you for your competitors.

In addition, many organizations cannot event measure SLA compliance in a timely manner, given the number of manual, paper-based processes they need to deal with.

2. Revenue and Profit Growth are incremental.

Technology can play a big role in driving cost savings: A route optimization solution, for example, allows more service deliveries per mile and saves on time and gasoline. Inventory forecasting and real-time visibility reduces the need for return trips. Automated and streamlined workflows minimize errors in key processes like customer billing.

And even if Field Services is often regarded as a cost center rather than a revenue center, field engineers – when given the right tools and visibility on key information – can generate sales leads and cross-sell or upsell to clients on the spot.

3. You have a growing millennial customer base.

A 2012 study from PwC said that about half of the working population in Malaysia is made up of millennials, who are more likely to expect self-service options, instant response and real-time updates. If your pen and paper-based processes cannot support their expectations, then it’s time to consider field service management solutions.

Are you ready to explore ways to digitally transform your Field Services? Try Agile Dynamics’ OnTheGo365 solution based on Microsoft Dynamics for Field Services. A Free 30-day trial is available.

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